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Responsible for Coca-Cola’s most successful and effective new product ever with the help of our “Surge. Feed The Rush” campaign.

Helped Lockheed Martin become the number 1 launch service provider on the planet with our “Powered by History” campaign.

Helped Reebok establish itself as the number 2 sports brand in the world with our “At the Heart of Sport” campaign.

In new deposits and a 34.8% increase in revenue in a two-year period for Adams National Bank with our “Get the Abigail Adams Banking Experience” campaign.

Raised for National Center of Missing & Exploited Children as a result of our "We’re here because they’re out there” campaign.

Number of new customers acquired by Cable & Wireless in a single year with the help of our “Get the Connection” campaign.

Increase in traffic to WorldSpace’s website and increase in subscriptions 10 fold in one month thanks to our “Tune in to Home” campaign.

Re-tweet rate achieved for Parental Drug Association.

Success rate helping Save Browns Chapel LLC to save Browns Chapel Park with the help of a viral YouTube video and local and national PR.

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