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Software AG

Brand Case Study

Business Objective: Software AG wanted to increase its revenue by developing and marketing a stand-alone product called Applinx - an app that could connect all applications across a business and help businesses perform better as a result.

Brand Strategy: The strategy was to position Applinx as a product that could ultimately help companies do business better by linking all applications across an organization and providing better business intelligence as a result. Additionally, Applinx was to be marketed under the main Software AG umbrella, which would imbue the product with the benefit of Software AG's brand values - cutting edge technology, reliability and brand leader status in its market sector.

Brand Campaign: A brand campaign was developed that communicated all of Applinx's key customer business benefits - i.e. it allows everyone in the company to see all relevant data, it delivers crucial business intelligence, it helps employees to make better, smarter business decisions and it ultimately helps companies to fulfill their vision and their goals.

Media: Website, digital, specialist print.

Result: The Applinx campaign defined the product and its key benefits and successfully positioned Applinx as a product that could stand out in the software marketplace and generate significant sales for Software AG.

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