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Baltimore Equitable Insurance (BEI)

Brand Case Study:

Business Objective
Baltimore Equitable Insurance (BEI) —a homeowners insurance company that’s been around since 1794 — needed to raise awareness of its perpetual insurance product to the people of Maryland.

Brand Strategy
The strategy was to develop BEI into a "brand" and develop an integrated brand campaign that explained the key benefits of perpetual insurance and underscore those benefits by emphasizing that BEI has been around since 1794 and thus was a stable and prosperous company.

Brand Campaign
A brand campaign was developed featuring the line "Perpetually good homeowners insurance. Since 1794."The campaign repeatedly emphasized the three key benefits of perpetual insurance, namely: customers pay one lump sum up front and are perpetually covered after that; no matter how many claims they make their insurance rates will never increase; and when they cancel their policies, they get all their money back.

Media: Website, digital ads, radio, social media, search engine marketing, direct mail, collateral, stationery

Result: The brand campaign was an enormous success for BEI and generated fantastic results. In the first 8 weeks of the campaign, website traffic increased by 249%, leads increased by 21%, with the campaign being responsible for 65% of all leads generated in that period and sales went up 22%. Conclusive proof that if you want a great financial services campaign, hiring Brainwave is your best policy.

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