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City of Chicago

Brand Case Study

Business Objective: The City of Chicago wanted to create an awareness campaign for the "blue bag recycling" program - a program based on communicating the benefits of recycling in general and encouraging Chicagoans to break their recyclables into various categories. There was low awareness for the program so a campaign was needed to address this.

Brand Strategy: Engage City residents in a campaign of recycling by communicating the benefits to the entire community.

Brand Campaign: A multi-media campaign was developed using recycled materials. Old film was re-edited for the TV commercials, radio was recorded using recycled sounds, a print campaign used recycled words and sentences form old newspapers, and the digital marketing campaign echoed the print.

Media: Website, TV, radio, digital, billboard, print, social media.

Result: The City saw a 25% increase in recycling in the months following the Blue Bag campaign, as Chicagoans became more aware of the benefits to the community of recycling.

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