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North American Savings Bank

Brand Case Study

Business Objective: The North American Savings Bank (NASB) had been business for 83 years, and had numerous branches in Missouri. However, it was still remarkably unknown and faced stiff competition from other local banks for business. The bank needed to raise awareness of its name, products and services in order to drive revenue and increase market share, and therefore resolved to create a brand awareness campaign to help fulfill its goals.

Brand Strategy: Brainwave developed a strategy that focused on promoting the bank's acronym of NASB and associating it in cutover's minds with the best and most extensive banking services in Missouri.

Brand Campaign: Brainwave created a catchy, engaging brand campaign that promoted the "NASB" acronym and portrayed real life situations where people with a financial need of whatever kind were seen to immediately think of NASB and its products and services.

Media: Television.

Result: Within three months of the campaign's launch brand recognition of NASB in the Missouri area has gone through the roof - with traffic to the bank's website up 163%. All of which goes to show that when it comes to financial services clients, you can bank on Brainwave to deliver results.

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