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Sallie Mae

Brand Case Study

Brand Objective: Sallie Mae, the brand leader in the student loan provider market, wanted to increase its market share and favorability rating among its target audiences — students, parents, colleges and universities, politicians and policy makers and government institutions and the media.

Brand Strategy: The strategy was to raise awareness of the crucial role that Sallie Mae plays in helping to fund education, and all the benefits to students and the country that are derived from having a better educated populace.

Brand Campaign: An ad campaign was created with a tag line of “Helping make education possible.” The campaign focused on real students and their success stories and the role a Sallie Mae student loan had in helping them to fulfill their potential and their dreams

Media: Website, digital ads, print campaign, targeted political media, brochures

Result: The “Helping make education possible” campaign helped Sallie Mae consolidate its position as the brand leader in the student loan industry and successfully increased its approval ratings among politicians and policy makers — particularly those responsible for reauthorizing the Higher Education Act, which was crucial to Salle Mae’s business. In the process, Sallie Mae saw an increase in traffic to the website by 123% and a 24% increase in requests for student loans of all kinds.

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