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Baltimore Equitable Insurance (BEI)

Digital Case Study

A number of digital ads were developed as part of BEI’s "Perpetually Good Homeowners Insurance. Since 1794." campaign. And they collectively communicated the key benefits of BEI’s insurance product, namely: customers pay one lump sum up front and are perpetually covered after that; no matter how many claims they make their insurance rates will never increase; and when they cancel their policies, they get all their money back. The digital ads were featured on the Maryland pages of major national and local companies and played a huge role in driving traffic back to BEI’s own website, and generating leads. In fact in the eight weeks since the launch of the campaign, BEI’s website traffic by 249%, leads increased by 21%, with the campaign being responsible for 65% of all leads generated in that period, and sales went up 22%. How about that for a great insurance claim!

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