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Melvin Taylor

Digital Case Study

Melvin Taylor is one of the best guitarists in the world — a rival to the likes of Buddy Guy and BB King in the Blues world, in fact. In order to help him reach his fan base across the planet, and to market his new album, Brainwave developed a website that showcased his abilities, complete with a guitar that played Melvin Taylor music tracks when customers clicked on it. In addition, musical content was continually developed and distributed across all of Melvin’s social media channels — thus driving fans to the Apple iTunes store to buy Melvin’s music. Finally, a trailer for a documentary starring Melvin and entitled “Melvin Who” was also produced and disseminated to fans across all channels. This comprehensive digital strategy helped Melvin increase his profile and drive up album sales worldwide. It therefore proved conclusively that Melvin Taylor always hits the right note with music fans around the globe.

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