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Save Browns Chapel

Social Media Case Study

Browns’ Chapel is a local park in Virginia that was under threat of being destroyed and being replaced by a massive sports complex. To save the park, Brainwave developed a YouTube music video based on Joni Mitchel’s Big Yellow Taxi song, and it featured numerous local people in funny and poignant scenes appealing for the park to be saved. The video was uploaded to YouTube and widely shared via email and on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It was also sent to both local and national news organizations, several of whom wrote and published stories about the fight to save the park — including NPR, the Washington Business Journal and the Fairfax Times, among others. The outpouring of support on social media was so great and the PR so instant that within a week of the video’s release, the local authorities who had been pushing for the destruction of the park, withdrew all their plans to do so. In the words of the video, “give me sports in Reston, but leave me the birds and the bees.”

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