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Restonians Against Tetra

Social Media Case Study

In early 2015, Reston Association, a home owners association in Northern Virginia, announced plans to buy the Tetra building for $2.65 million when it had been assessed by Fairfax County at a mere $1.2 million. Various members of the community began to organize in opposition to this eyebrow raising deal and as a result, a video was developed to communicate why Restonians should vote “No” in a ballot on the matter. The video was uploaded onto YouTube, shared on Twitter and sent to numerous local and national journalists through social media channels. In a matter of days, the video garnered the attention of the Washington Post and other local media outlets and huge articles were written about the issue — which with regard to the Washington Post in particular, were read by millions. “The Price is Wrong Starring Reston Association” undoubtedly played a starring role in the opposition to Reston Association’s Tetra purchase.

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