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Baltimore Equitable Insurance (BEI)

Traditional Case Study

In order to help reach BEI’s target market, Brainwave developed a plethora of traditional components to further extend the "Perpetually Good Insurance. Since 1794" brand campaign. These included a radio and direct mail campaign, as well as collateral materials, Each campaign component communicated the benefits of perpetual insurance, namely: customers pay one lump sum up front and are perpetually covered after that; no matter how many claims they make their insurance rates will never increase; and when they cancel their policies, they get all their money back. In the eight weeks since the launch of the campaign, BEI’s website traffic has increased by an incredible 249%, leads have increased by 21%, with the campaign being responsible for 65% of all leads generated in that period and sales went up 22%. All of which goes to show that if you want a great financial services campaign, put your money on Brainwave.

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